beach safari on CHRISTIANSMINDE


Hotel Christiansminde want to spread the knowledge of the local area’s natural and cultural history.

In collaboration with skilled nature guides, we therefore offer a fantastic experience of science, history and taste.


Come along on safari in the beautiful countryside that surrounds Christiansminde.

The safari takes min. one hour.

An instructive and tasteful safari.

You will learn about nature and its plants, berries and mushrooms that can be eaten.

The Danish nature’s pantry has over 300 edible plants in line with the products that we import.

Beach Safari arranged for groups.

Contact for price.


For further questions or booking please refer
to booking@
or phone 62 21 90 00

(Dansk) VINTERCAFÈ(Dansk) Nyd udsigten

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Vi har også lokaler med pejs og en bryllupsmappe med gode idéer
(Dansk) Aktiv cykelferie(Dansk) Familie, landevej eller skov?

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