Diving South Funen

Christiansminde offers some unique setting for divers. Whether you are an enthusiast or professional, the hotel’s doors open for a stay in the shallows with direct access to the jetty and the beautiful sound.

In October 2014, the old Ærøsund ferry sunk in the strait and awaits a unique day trip for any diver to explore the artificial reef created by the sinking of the ferry. You’ll find a map of the ferry’s position here. TV2 Fyn covered the ferry’s last journey to the seabed, a story that you can revisit here.

In Christiansminde there is also ample opportunity to enjoy a nice experience with diving. With 20 meters down to the Sound, you are quickly started to experience the stunning area. It has historically made many finds from the 2nd World War, after the German occupation troops withdrew Christiansminde Badehotel during the war and docked with the Kriegsmarine here.
There are sometimes strong currents in Svendborg, however, can avoid the worst by studying the tide table before a dive trip.
Out of Christiansminde offers Svendborgsund at a depth of 7 meters, more on the fairway.

Hotel Christiansminde
At Hotel Christiansminde, we offer excellent conditions for scuba divers.
We can offer a hotel located fully towards the water, and an ideal place for divers.
In addition, we also offer a locked room where you have the opportunity to wash your kites and hang them to dry. Here also stored oxygen cylinders or other equipment.
If you have very outings with and carrying trailer or backup boat we reserve space in the hotel car park


Svendborg, the islands and coasts provide all the setting for an area that invites active outdoor life 
– not only for divers.

Rural Tourism in Svendborg has made an app which they call “the modern compass”, here are both tips and directory if you want to try your hand as a diver, kayaker, hiker or fisherman.

Find the App here


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